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2 Responses to ROMNEY (2)

  1. Luis says:

    he implemented this dioastrsus mandate that everyone MUST buy health insurance to keep those who can afford health insurance from cheating the system. What a crock of Chit! Those who can afford health insurance buy it! They aren’t the one Cheating they system. It is the illegals in our state who are cheating the system and those who can’t truly afford the insurance that end up in hospitals mostly for non-serious sicknesses, like colds.Now, if you are working in Massachusetts and you don’t buy health insurance, then you are penalized on your taxes. And to top it off, the health insurance is a lot more expensive due to Romneycare.The other aspect is that this guy says what he thinks will win him the election. Just check out his stance on Global Warming and his backing of Forest (Al) Gore! This man (Romney) is a liar, a deceiver, a falsifier, and he doesn’t like the TEA PARTY! He even said so in some unflattering comments to the tea party. He would be a better fit for Hoffa and the Unions!No Romney for the GOP nomination.

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