Feb. 23 — Patriotism at the AZ Debate

FROM NBC: Can a late-entry hero save 2012 for the GOP? What were once murmurs about a late entry into the Republican primary or a potential convention fight for the nomination have become a topic of open speculation in the GOP.

The photo news today was all about the aftermath of the GOP debate in Arizona. Many news outlets ran photos of the multiple men on the platform.  Among the most popular were those that showed the Pledge of Allegiance and those that showed Romney and Santorum, seated next to each other, in active conversation.

Other outlets, as CBS News (right), chose photos that allowed them to frame the upcoming Super Tuesday contest as Santorum’s to lose.

FROM CBS NEWS: The Drive: Rick Santorum's poor debate showing CBSNews.com's Brian Montopoli discusses whether Rick Santorum's struggles in the Arizona debate will stall his momentum in the GOP race

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